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Enabling the transformation to data-driven circularity in fashion

What is the circularity.ID® Open Data Standard

To enable change and accelerate transformation, leveraging technology and data plays a key role. The circularity.ID® Open Data Standard is intended for use in the fashion industry to store, label and identify digital product data for powering circular practices.
Over seven years of research, pilots and collaboration along the fashion value chain have been translated into the circularity.ID® Open Data Standard.
Insights and requirements for making a circular product from material, to design, use and sorting have been aggregated into the standard to be able to ensure longevity and recycling at end-of-life.

Why open industry standards are needed for a systemic change

With the mission of wider adoption of circular practices and to align with initiatives striving for the same goal, we released the circularity.ID® as an Open Data Standard. Open industry standards set an example for collaboration and streamlining of efforts to arrive at holistic models for data-driven, sustainable impact.


Our whitepaper - The transformation to data-driven circularity in fashion.

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We are actively involved in multiple standardisation initiatives across the globe for optimizing the dataset of our circularity.ID® Open Data Standard according to ever changing industry needs. Contact us if you want to contribute and become part of the change.
Mario Malzacher Co-Founder & Business Development

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