enabling the transformation to data-driven circularity in fashion

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To enable change and accelerate transformation towards a circular economy for fashion and textiles, leveraging technology and data plays a key role. By designing garments for circularity from the beginning and providing stakeholders with essential information at each consecutive stage of the product’s lifecycle enormous environmental, financial and creative value can be captured and re-released to the greater benefit of people and planet.

The circularity.ID holds material and product data, along with a product’s entire story. This ensures future reuse, reselling and recycling at the highest possible level of sustainability. Through this system, data becomes accessible to stakeholders in the fashion ecosystem at any point in time to assess and handle products in a circular economy. develops services and software for circular design and closed loop recycling that enable a transparent flow of information between material suppliers, fashion brands, consumers and recyclers.

circularity.ID® Open Data Standard

The circularity.ID Open Data Standard allows fashion brands to publish their product data in a format that can be utilised by a variety of software applications along the product lifecycle.

circularity.ID Open Data Standard is split section that contains immutable product data including material and chemical components, and mutable data that contains product information such as product images, description, sustainability consumer information and service offers.

For more resources and source code, please refer to the circularity.ID open data standard repository on Github. Download specification and guidelines in pdf format.

Specification Reference

Publication Date: 13.12.2019

circularity.ID – Schema documentation

Below you can find a detailed list of defined data points and elements of our data for immutable and mutable data.
Or visit our Github for more details.

circularity.ID v2.0 – immutable product data

Immutable data presents the data which cannot be changed after generated. See the technical documentation of the data below.

circularity.ID v2.0 – mutable product data

Mutable data presents the data which can be changed after generated. See the technical documentation of the data below.